A taste of Gensan barbeque in Mati City

Most Filipinos are fond of barbeques and are always looking for a place to savor the taste. In General Santos City, Angel’s Kamayan is the most visited place during dinner time around 5:00PM to 9:00PM. The establishment was owned by the grandparents of Cheribel Montero. It was then passed on to the next generation, including her.

Cheribel, 41, tried her luck in branching out Angel’s Kamayan in Mati City in 2011. Her four siblings also decided to establish the same business in different areas in Mindanao. They decided to preserve the name of the establishment in memory of their grandparents.

“Although Angel’s Kamayan is established in different places, we all agreed to put a tagline that says “Gensan’s best-tasting barbeque” in order to easily trace its origin wherever it maybe. It’s an agreement between us siblings,” Cheribel explained.

As they start putting up Angel’s Kamayan in a place where they know no one, there were doubts but they are thinking positively, hoping and praying that life will be a little better. Cheribel is a graduate of accountancy and she chose to put up her own business instead of working in a corporate world.

In 2016, the neighbors of Cheribel introduced CARD Bank, Inc. to her. It is a bank that provides microfinance loans, SME loans, and other loans tailored-fit to the evolving needs of its clients, especially the socio-economically challenged women and families. She immediately applied for a Small Business Loan and was approved PhP15,000 in which she added as capital to start her planned business expansion.

“CARD Bank gave me the opportunity to grow not only as a businesswoman but also as a person. I am thankful that this kind of institution exists to help us and give us hope and a better future,” Cheribel said.

Cheribel and her family lives in Mati City for almost nine years already. Once a foreign place was now their home. They made a name in the city and have made a lot of friends, and a great number of costumers every day. To date, Angel’s Kamayan is present in Gensan, Maragusan, Panabo City, Tagum City, and Mati City.