One Family, One Graduate supports 700K students

A total of 729,908 scholarship slots and educational assistance were provided by CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) to its deserving clients and their children nationwide through its CARD Scholarship Program (CSP) and Zero Dropout Program under the flagship program, One Family, One Graduate.

For 18 years now, CSP supports the educational needs of high school, senior high school, vocational program, and college students. Zero Dropout, on the other hand, aims to support clients’ children finish elementary education.

“We made sure that through the One Family, One Graduate program, CARD MRI can ensure that for every family it serves nationwide, one will graduate in college,” said Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, founder and chairman of CARD MRI.

Competent scholars

As of June 2018, CARD MRI has 3,483 graduate scholars in college. These graduate scholars are also performing well academically in their respective schools. Among these cream of the crops is Jane Claire Jamili, a CARD scholar for four years, who recently graduated as Magna cum laude with the course of Bachelor of Arts in Communication major in media in the University of San Carlos—Cebu City.

“CARD’s scholarship has greatly helped me in terms of having additional allowance for my schooling in the university. Receiving financial assistance from CARD was an asset for me as a student because in a way I was able to help my parents in decreasing their expenses for me,” Jamili expressed.

Jamili is one of the many scholars all over the Philippines who was able to reach their academic success through availing CSP.

“Providing scholarships is our way also of supporting our clients and their children who are determined to improve their quality of life through education. As long as there are students who are willing to pursue their dreams through education, we will continue this kind of service,” said Jean Pauline B. Landicho, deputy director for CARD MRI partnership and education.

More opportunities

Every academic year-end, CARD scholar graduates are invited to be employed at CARD MRI. Composed of 21 institutions, CARD MRI is open to accept applicants from all fields of expertise. CARD MRI believes that these varied expertise are significant to poverty eradication.

Jamili now works under CARD MRI Publishing House, the institution that develops and produces various communication materials that provides accurate and positive development-oriented stories.

To date, there are 135 scholars of CARD MRI are still working in its 21 institutions.