BotiCARD initiates CARD e-Pharmacist to clients

To continuously deliver essential services to its clients, BotiCARD, the pharmaceutical company under CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) in collaboration with Microfinance and Health Protection (MaHP) Program Unit, launched CARD e-Pharmacist.

Said BotiCARD President Rosenda Aquino, RPh, “In this time of pandemic, one major priority and concern of our clients is their health. Following the success of CARD e-Doctor, we initiated CARD e-Pharmacist to make sure that our clients will have easy access to seek advice about their health problems and discuss possible treatment that could cure them.”

Through CARD e-Pharmacist, CARD clients and the general public will have immediate access to medical advice and information from health practitioners by using the online platform. “Since the use of digital platforms continues to grow, this is an effective and convenient way to help and reach our clients nationwide. CARD e-Pharmacist offers medical advice, diagnose them following a series of questions, and help the clients with the right prescriptions at the comfort of their home,” she added.

To shift online is one way to limit face-to-face contact. She explained that with the use of Facebook, clients can directly message BotiCARD official Facebook page to consult and address their medical concerns. “We make sure that with this initiative, clients can have a quick access and free patient counseling to pharmacist while we widen our reach to communities and clients that we serve.”

Aquino concluded that with this initiative, clients with medical problems who lack health care will surely benefit from the program. “With this, it will lessen the cost of going to clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. In this trying time, clients should avoid going outside and minimize debts due to heath expenses.”