At A Glance

As of April 2021
 Total Number of Clients/ Accounts Served 7,344,232
 Number of Clients/Accounts including Savers 7,222,584
Total Number of Active Clients with Loans 3,482,493
Total Number of Insured Individuals 28,086,159
Clients who Received Credit with Education (CwE)/ Ugnayan 1,186,451
Number of Member Stockholders in CARD Bank 118,575
Number of Members with Access to Health Program/Healthy Pinoy Members 4,731,509
No. of patients availments (members/non-members) 666,050
No. of patients availments via e-Doctor 35,836
No. of families assisted with relief operations 38,456
Number of Educational Scholarship Granted 15,761
Graduate Scholars 9,783
Total Number of Staff/Partners 20,156
No. of Employees 17,660
MBA Coordinators 1,894
Accredited Health Providers 602
Total Number of Offices 3,488
Branches 394
BOAT Partners 17
Office Units 2,919
Provincial/Regional Offices 113
Number of Health Clinics 13
Number of Pharmacy Outlet 11
Head Office 9
MLNI Retail Stores 3
Cambodia Partnership Office (Cambodia) 1
Vietnam Partnership Office (Vietnam) 1
CARD MRI OFW Foundation (Hong Kong) 1
Laos Partnership (Laos) 1
Myanmar Partnership Office (Myanmar) 1
Indonesia Partnership Program (Indonesia) 1
MRI Support Units 1
Partners 52
Amount of Loans Outstanding (Php) 31,127,296,351
Amount of Savings/CBU (Php) 29,557,258,849
Total Amount Paid for Insurance Benefit (Php) 11,952,072,912
Repayment Rate 94.36%
Total Asset Php 71,484,341,565
Total Liabilities Php 49,676,903,901
Total Equity Php 21,807,437,664
OSS/Revenue Cost Ratio 118.46%
Financial Self-Sufficiency 111.28%