At A Glance

As of July 2020
 Total Number of Clients/ Accounts Served 6,853,493
 Number of Clients/Accounts including Savers 6,677,089
Total Number of Active Clients with Loans 3,229,340
Total Number of Insured Individuals 24,050,699
Clients who Received Credit with Education (CwE) 944,524
Number of Member Stockholders in CARD Bank 121,236
Number of Members with Access to Health 4,649,460
Program/Healthy Pinoy Members
No. of clinic visits (members/non-members) 607,374
No. of families assisted with relief operations 107,138
Number of Educational Scholarship Granted 15,756
Graduate Scholars 8,207
Number of Hijos Tours conducted 316
Number of Hijos Tours travelers 10,458
Total Number of Staff/Partners 21,583
No. of Employees 18,564
MBA Coordinators 2,060
Accredited Health Providers 602
Total Number of Offices 3,445
Branches 394
BOAT Partners 17
Office Units 2,886
Provincial/Regional Offices 114
Number of Health Clinics 13
Number of Generic Drugstores 11
Head Office 10
MLNI Retail Stores 3
Cambodia Partnership Office (Cambodia) 1
Vietnam Partnership Office (Vietnam) 1
CARD MRI OFW Foundation (Hong Kong) 1
Laos Partnership (Laos) 1
Myanmar Partnership Office (Myanmar) 1
Indonesia Partnership Program (Indonesia) 1
MRI Support Units 1
Partners 52
Amount of Loans Outstanding (Php) 26,466,026,628
Amount of Savings/CBU (Php) 25,319,361,996
Total Amount Paid for Insurance Benefit (Php) 9,600,038,409
Repayment Rate 97.57%
Total Asset Php 65,569,195,839
Total Liabilities Php 46,062,165,519
Total Equity Php 19,507,030,319
OSS/Revenue Cost Ratio 107.98%
Financial Self-Sufficiency 95.63%