Client Success Stories

Remedios Oquindo

Queen Remelyn “Hill Spring” Water Refilling Station Owner

“With good customer service, careful budgeting and hard work, you can succeed in any business. You should try to give what your customers requested so they will never stop patronizing your products, and you must have the will to pursue your business.”


Felisa Rey

Josel Rodil’s Arrowroot Cookies Owner

“Arrowroot tubers can be used instead of rice, the flour can be used to produce other food delicacies, like hot cakes, and the mash can be used as pig feed, she listed. We have now helped many others: the farmers and the vendors, who have this additional source of income, and the consumers who gain nutrients by eating our cookies.”


Remedios De Leon Mañago

Legaspi Frames and Art Shop Owner

“We never thought of having a shop that time because we did not have the capital for the rent and for the materials,” she explained. “But a friend of ours, who is an artist, told us he was going to help us to promote our business.”