Our Mutually Reinforcing Institutions


(A Microfinance NGO)

Founded on December 10, 1986 as a social development organization, the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development has now grown into the country’s microfinance leader. It offers microloans to support the livelihood activities of poor women. It also initiates CARD MRI’s programs in education, health, and agriculture.


CARD Bank, Inc.

CARD Bank, Inc. is the first rural bank to have evolved from a microfinance NGO, with the purpose of turning poor women, who were once considered non-bankable, financial inclusive. Since its opening in September 1997, it has offered loans and savings products tailorfit to the needs of microfinance clients.


CARD Mutual Benefit Association, Inc.

The CARD Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. is the microinsurance provider of CARD MRI. Its main products are life and loan insurances especially designed for the clients of the CARD MRI’s financial institutions.


CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc.

Started as a unit under CARD, Inc. in 1989, CARD MRI Development Institute, Inc. now handles the training and educational needs of clients, staff and even outside microfinance institutions. Complementing member banks’ services, it offers credit with education and livelihood trainings to clients.


CARD-Business Development Service Foundation Inc.

The CARD Business Development Services Foundation, Inc. bridges CARD microentrepreneur clients with the mainstream market. It taps clients’ local products, does the marketing for them, and facilitates their growth and viability.


CARD MRI Insurance Agency, Inc.

Established in 2007, the CARD MRI Insurance Agency, Inc. through partnership with various insurance companies offers brokerage services, accident and calamity insurances, and Packaged Assistance in-Case of Disasters (PAID) to clients.


CARD SME Bank, Inc.

CARD SME Bank, Inc. fills the financial needs of graduate microfinance clients who have matured and are then ready to own small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The bank specializes in loaning and savings services for these entrrepreneurs engaging in SMEs.


CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc.

The CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc. provides for the information communication technology needs of the MRI. Formed in 2010, it offers computer setup and maintenance, web design, and technical assistance.


BotiCARD Inc.

BotiCARD Inc. is CARD MRI’s very own pharmacy that provides safe and effective drugs to CARD members and their communities. It supplies discounted generic medicine to CARD MRI members.



Last January 25, 2013 CARD Inc. units in Taytay, Rizal transitioned into rural banks and formed the newest addition to the CARD MRI group, the CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc.. Sharing the same mission, RBI is being groomed to serve microfinance clients the way CARD Bank Inc. has.


CARD Leasing and Finance Corporation, Inc.

Newly founded earlier in 2013, CARD Leasing and Finance Corporation, Inc. helps clients engage in leasing activities. Besides business support and financing housing programs, it constantly searches for innovative technologies, which it provides for the many needs of the MRI and its CARD clients.


CARD Pioneer Microinsurance Inc.

CARD and Pioneer made history in 2013 when they paved the way for the establishment of the very first microinsurance company in the Philippines. CPMI introduced the non-life aspect of microinsurance, making more products and services available to more Filipino families.


Responsible Investments for Solidarity & Empowerment (RISE) Financing Company, Inc

RISE was established on April 14, 2000 by CARD, Inc., and The Catholic Relief Services (CRS), together with several of its partners. It was born out of a vision for a society where justice and solidarity are the driving forces for social action and economic development. It started as an institution giving assistance to women in the battle against poverty by giving them access to credit and savings services. Late on, it ventured into retail lending to address the financial needs of its target audience.


Mga Likha ni Inay, Inc.

Mga Likha ni Inay became CARD MRI’s 14th institution on August 2014. From being CARD-BDSFI’s marketing program, it evolved into a company that links grassroots microentrepreneurs to the mainstream market. MLNI promotes locally sourced materials created by microentrepreneurs, mostly in rural communities where CARD MRI operates, then turn it into gifts that anyone can appreciate. The gifts we promote and sell are products of our microentrepreneurs passion and dedication to their craft.



The CARD Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CARD EMPC) is duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority whose members are all employees of the CARD MRI Group. It started as a Staff Mutual Fund, but in order to cater the needs of its members, it was formed into a cooperative on May 11, 2004 to provide savings and credit services to its members. CARD EMPC operates as a sustainable and respected locally-based employees’ cooperative serving its members and their families to becoming highly motivated professionals and individuals to live in their best decent way of life.


CARD MRI Hijos Tours Inc.

CARD MRI Hijos Tours Inc. started in 2013 as a tourism program in San Pablo, Laguna called Hijos de San Pablo or “Children of San Pablo”. This program is an idea of CARD MRI’s founder and chairman, Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip. It was conceptualized to promote San Pablo City’s tourism industry, local culture, heritage, and its microentrepreneurs. It was officially registered on July 11, 2017 as a tour company.


CARD MRI Publishing House Inc.

CARD MRI Publishing House Inc., also established on July 11, 2017 hopes to elevate the capacity of CARD MRI clients by providing progressive and positive stories. With the CARD MRI publications, it aspires to educate individuals and eventually develop them into responsible citizens for their community. One major publication of the company is “Sulong”, which is the development newspaper of CARD MRI distributed nationwide and is reaching its millions of clients and employees around the country. The said newspaper is also distributed publicly starting August 2017.


CARD MRI Holdings Inc.

CARD MRI Holdings Inc., an entity established on July 29, 2016, is engaged in the business of investment, owning and acquiring interest in other corporations. It serves as the arm of the CARD MRI Group to maximize the group business opportunities not only within but also outside the Philippines where CARD MRI has business presence.


CARD MRI Property Holdings Inc.

CARD MRI Property Holdings is also engaged in the business of investment. It owns various properties like real estates and buildings that can be leased by CARD MRI to start, continue, and expand its operations. It is also involve in construction, protects and maintains the land, buildings, and offices of the CARD MRI Group. It was established on November 10, 2016.