Our History
  • 2013
    New additions to the MRI’s

    On 2013, CARD MRI acquired the Rizal Rural Bank further expanding its network of microfinancial services. CARD MRI Leasing and Finance Corporation was also established the same year, adding to the growing number of mutually reinforcing institutions that further empower the socially and economically challenged Filipino families.
  • 2012
    Re-imagining CARD MRI

    On July 2012, CARD MRI revisited its vision and mission to emphasize the social development undertakings that contribute4s to the Philippines' nation-building. CARD MRI's Community Development Group was also established to consolidate its community based-activities related to education, health livelihood, and environment.
  • 2009
    Responding to the client’s evolving needs

    On 2009, CARD's existing structures were transformed into institutions that will serve as vehicles to provide more and better services to its clients. The CARD Mutual Benefit Association was institutionalized in the year 1999 while the then Training Center was transformed into the CARD MRI Development Institute in 2005. Furthermore, to cater to the changing needs of CARD MRI's members, ...
  • 1995-2
    A new mission

    CARD revisited its mission in October 1999 and came up with a new mission reinforcing institutions that are dedicated to empowering the poor while upholding its core values of competence, culture of excellence, family spirit, stewardship and simplicity.
  • 1995
    Stepping forward

    In December 1995, the Board of Directors and Management began discussing the transformation of CARD Inc. into a bank to obtain the legal basis for mobilizing deposits from the public, and enable CARD Inc. to tap the commercial loan market. CARD Inc. obtained its license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on August 1997.
  • 1989
    Making it fit

    In 1989, CARD Inc. pilot-tested solidarity group lending, modifying the Grameen Banking scheme to suit the context of the Philippines. CARD Inc. then launched the Landless People's program in 1990.
  • 1988
    Program for the landless

    A training-focused community and livelihood assistance program for landless coconut workers marked the start of CARD Inc.'s operation in April 1988.
  • 1986
    A vehicle for assets ownership for the poor

    On December 10, 1986, fifteen rural development practitioners led by Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, organized a  social development foundation called the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, Inc.