BotiCARD to implement community-based pharmacy practice

BotiCARD Inc., the pharmacy of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), is set to implement a community-based pharmacy practice in rural communities to be able to bring affordable medicines closer and more accessible to CARD MRI clients, their families, and to the general public.


The project was the result of the series of discussion between BotiCARD and representatives of the Philippine Pharmacist Association (PPhA). “To better serve the socially and economically challenged people, we have to be present, right there, in their communities. We have to understand their medical needs and the way they purchase and consume medicines,” said Rosenda P. Aquino, the president and chairperson of BotiCARD.


“We developed an information sheet designed to identify the number of family members taking medicines on a regular basis and what medicines they take,” added Aquino.


The collected profiles will be used in analyzing what medicines are most frequently needed by the community. Hence, will be prioritized by BotiCARD in terms of its inventory.


“Based on the experiences of the microfinance clients of CARD MRI, they usually have to go to the central public market, which is quite far, to just buy the medicines prescribed to them,” Aquino emphasized. To respond to this concern, “the major feature of the community-based pharmacy practice is a medicine delivery system,” Aquino added.


The first community-based pharmacy practice will be pilot-tested in Dolores, Quezon Province. The client profiling has started since April 16, 2018.


To goal of BotiCARD, as member of CARD MRI, is to eradicate poverty in the country by providing health protection among CARD MRI clients and the general public through affordable, safe, and quality medicines coupled with proper education and information on the use of medicines.