Super typhoon Reming that struck Bicolandia and caused great destruction in the Province of Albay, Philippines last December, 2006, gave birth to the seventh institution of CARD MRI, the CARD MRI Insurance Agency (CaMIA) Inc.  Properties and livelihood of Bicolanos were severely destroyed and there where areas that only mud and ashes were left. Relief goods in Bicol areas came endlessly from the local government, NGOs and private organizations. One CARD member approached a staff of CARD MRI and asked “Why no one ever gave us nails for us to start rebuilding our houses and we will no longer need to stay in crowded evacuation centers?” These triggered CARD MRI to create a non-life insurance product that would protect the poor against distress brought by calamities. CARD MRI already has CARD MBA an institution that provides insurance to its members but its license was limited only to Life Insurance. Studies were conducted that led to the creation of CARD MRI Insurance Agency (CaMIA) Inc. last June 15, 2007. CaMIA envisioned of becoming top of mind agency for micro insurance products and services.  Its mission is to provide life and non-life insurance products and services in real-time at the most affordable premium rate to client-members of CARD MRI and its affiliates.