Like no other

Posted on September 23, 2022


Switching from employment to entrepreneurship as a source of income may sound like challenging the status quo; a career leap that is different from the other. Making the leap to entrepreneurship will be a ton of adjustments and preparations, both on how finances and effort should be handled. Working for many years for various companies, Wilfredo Aparri, a 67-year-old entrepreneur from Iloilo City, made that decision with a partner he trusts.

Working as an employee may get repetitive and boring. As Wilfredo hopped from one job to another, he realized that maybe, a 9-to-5 workday doesn’t suit him. Going into early retirement, Wilfredo decided to set up his karinderya in Iloilo City.

As he plans to start his business, a friend told him about CARD, Inc. (A Microfinance NGO). Hearing that the microfinance NGO provides the assistance he might be looking for, he sought out the nearest office and applied as a client. Within a few days, his first loan amounting to PhP5,000, he immediately used it to buy the kitchenware he needs for his business. As a start-up business owner, Wilfredo faced difficulties in starting his new business. Luckily, CARD, Inc. became his business partner since he started his karinderya.

Wilfredo is already a client of CARD, Inc. for 10 years now. Previously working in a bank, Wilfredo saw how much CARD, Inc. assists its clients when it comes to their transactions and inquiries. “For me, CARD, Inc. is the ideal financial institution that helps its clients, especially when it comes to those who plan on starting their business or those who need help. They have been with me every step of the way and that is something I admire about them.”

During the pandemic, a lot of food-related businesses closed. Wilfredo’s business was no exemption, but he found a way to continue. Near a construction site, Wilfredo offered meals to those working on the site, providing a source of food at a cheap price. Through this, he was able to survive the pandemic, and he was grateful to CARD for being with him during that time.

Starting a new path in life is a big leap of faith and is riddled with a lot of challenges. This is the same for Wilfredo as he was just beginning his journey as a businessman. CARD, Inc. has helped him many times. On his way to recovery from the impact of the pandemic, he plans to expand his business together with CARD. He found a business partner in CARD, Inc. like no other.