Client Success Stories

The Value of Feedback
“One can say that Leovina Dinglasan, resident of Bay, Laguna and proprietor of Bine’s Catering Services, is fortunate. She is the sole provider of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the CARD Training Center in the same town, where all its members who attend seminars on running a business, congregate.”
Serenity Through Struggle
“Teodora Moster looks as cool as a cucumber. One cannot tell that she almost did not make the interview because of hypertension. She arrived, nonetheless, with her daughter to keep her company. On this particular afternoon, she came all the way from Lipa, Batangas after finishing deliveries. This is quintessential Teodora — tough and ready to face challenges head-on.”
Christmas Every Day

“Nolie and Rogelio Estocado’s eldest child was seriously ill.

The couple did not know where they could get the money to bring the child to a doctor — much less buy medicines.”

Always Something New To Learn
“Many years ago, spouses Myrna and Joselito Frago resorted to tending plants to shake off the stress brought about by their first business ventures in trading coal and multi-level marketing. Joselito was always interested in plants, but his wife, an architect by training, soon shared this hobby. “Plants were our therapy to keep from getting burned out,” Myrna says. Their businesses were doing fairly well but the couple felt that something was amiss, was not quite right.”