CARD SME Bank, Inc. supports CARD MRI’s vision statement as a Group of Mutually Reinforcing Institutions that is dedicated to empower the poor by upholding the core values of competence, family spirit, integrity, stewardship, humility, culture of excellence, and simplicity. As one of the institutions that comprise the CARD MRI and in support of its mission, CARD SME envisions building a sustainable financial and capacity building institution owned and led by socially-and-economically challenged families by providing integrated Microfinance, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) and social development (credit with education, leadership with a heart, innovative community programs) services to an expanding membership base by organizing and empowering women and their families; and continue upholding the highest standards of stewardship of financial, human, and institutional resources.


To provide banking services especially designed for landless rural workers by bringing bank services to community sites and accommodating the least financial transactions within their affordability

To provide collateralized and non-collateralized loans to non-bankable but viable microfinance and SME projects

To grow the bank’s SME lending to become the pre-eminent SME Bank in the Philippines to be able to reach more SME beneficiaries