CARD MRI Hijos Tours launches first Virtual Food Tour

Discover the history and culture San Pablo City’s delicacies and specialties through Hijos de Siete Lagos Food Box.

While tourism remains to be one of the industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, a glimmer of hope can be seen as the Department of Tourism (DOT) continues to support Laguna’s tourism sector, promoting it as a “fun, safe, and sustainable tourist destination.” CARD MRI Hijos Tours, for example, gets the nod of DOT as the San Pablo-based tour company in Laguna continually creates fun virtual tour programs that let the adventurous explore the country without traveling.

One of its programs allows food vloggers, culinary students, and food lovers to enjoy “a real time fun experience” in the comforts of their home, through CARD MRI Hijos Tours’ Virtual Food Tour.

The first Virtual Food Tour will jumpstart on February 27, 2021 which will include discussions on the history of San Pablo City’s traditional dishes and delicacies like fern salad (ensaladang pako) and grilled tilapia, and Pancit Kalabuko or noodles made out of mushroom with squash (kalabasa) and coconut (buko).

The Virtual Food Tour will also include a pre-recorded food demo of suman, a Filipino rice cake, that will allow subscribers to cook and prepare these traditional specialties alongside members of CARD.

Food enthusiasts may subscribe to the Virtual Food Tour by purchasing a Food Box (PhP1,999) that includes some of the key ingredients in making these traditional specialties like the malagkit or glutinous rice for suman and the mushroom noodles for the Pancit Kalabuko. The Food Box also contains products that can be best paired with these special Filipino food like Coco Sugar, Coco Jam, and Kapeng Barako to complement the suman delicacy.

Stories of Heritage and Hope

Hijos de Siete Lagos Food Box contains ingredients used for virtual cooking demo as well as other local products from CARD clients.

“The Virtual Food Tour is a way for us to learn more about history, stories of the past,” said CARD MRI Hijos Tours President Marilyn M. Manila. According to Manila, one of the goals of the Virtual Food Tour is to share heritage stories of both food and families- how they passed down recipes through generations and how important it is to be stewards of one’s resources.

The Virtual Food Tour also aims to help communities recover from the effects of the pandemic as Hijos Tours sources the contents of the Food Box from their suppliers who are CARD clients. “With every bite of these delicious delicacies, we support the livelihood of our clients,” Manila added.

Subscribers of the Virtual Food Tour will not only learn about the culture, history, and tradition of San Pablo City, Laguna but will also be able to support communities through its activities and help food become “the new destination”.