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Who We Are

The CARD HONG KONG FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that works for and on behalf of Filipinos living and working in Hong Kong, and for the wider Hong Kong community in general. It is registered under the Societies Ordinance, Section 5A (1), Chapter 151, Laws of Hong Kong.

It was founded by CARD MRI Philippines in April 2010 and was formally registered as a Hong Kong Society in October 2010. CARD MRI believes that Filipinos and the local community in Hong Kong can benefit from its educational and training programs that would build their capacities toward financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The goal is to support them in realizing their aspirations to have a better future for themselves and their families back home, and to eventually promote harmony between Filipino employees and their employers here in Hong Kong, thereby ultimately benefiting the entire city.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to become a successful, trusted and gender-sensitive organization aimed at supporting the development of economically-empowered Filipino overseas workers and their families back in the Philippines, and to promote good working relations between Filipinos and their employers here in Hong Kong, and to help realize their potential as responsible temporary or permanent residents of the Special Administrative Region.

Our main purpose is to promote savings, entrepreneurship and financial education among Filipino overseas workers guided by the core values of its founding organization, the CARD MRI, which are excellence, competence, stewardship, integrity, family spirit, humility and simplicity. We believe that by improving the competence of Filipinos in Hong Kong in handling their financial affairs, they can contribute to the welfare, harmony and development of Hong Kong.


A. To help improve the economic situation of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and associations in Hong Kong, thereby improving their relations with their employers and the community in Hong Kong, through provision of financial literacy programs, and

B. To provide other related educational training programs and services, such as advice and peer support that will enhance the financial and economic prospects of OFWs, which can contribute to their well-being and enable them to contribute to the happiness and harmonious development of the wider Hong Kong community.


Ruby Colonia had been working in Hongkong for eight years before she decided to finally come home to the Philippines and stay here for good.
Ruby who is fondly called as Nanay Bing finished Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting before she met and married Hilario Colonia. They were blessed with six children all of whom are residing in Cebu City.
Nanay Bing together with her husband was able to provide for the needs of the whole family. Aside from her regular job, she also had a part time job as a bookkeeper, and it was her boss in her part time job who convinced her to work abroad. Although she and her husband are earning enough for the needs of the family, she still wanted to earn more so that she can provide a comfortable life for her children.
Initially, her plan was to work abroad for two to four years only just to save a sufficient amount of money for the schooling of her children.

Her utmost desire was to provide a comfortable life for her children and she believes that she will be able to achieve this if she will work abroad. Her belief was that working abroad can double and even triple her income.
But she was disillusioned when she worked in Hong Kong for she was not able to earn the salary that she was expecting. Left without any choice, she juggled three jobs as housekeeper, nanny and bookkeeper. She also took care of her employer’s pet , which for her was her most difficult task. In addition to her burden, her employer shouted at her for every mistake that she committed. But she endured it all for the sake of her children’s future.
But fate played a cruel game on her, her daughters got married at a very early age and they were not able to finish their studies. At first it was very difficult for her to accept the fate of her children, but a mother will always be a mother, so she accepted what happened to them for she knows that her daughters need her support and care as a mother.
Life continued for her in Hong Kong and she learned so many things there like attending seminars or trainings. Then, her employer informed her about CARD and its program for OFWs like her. Thus, she did not hesitate to join CARD which helped her tremendously in handling her finances well, the said organization also influenced her to open her own business in the Philippines.
” CARD OFW Foundation has been a big help for me, as a mother I have been wanting to go home to be with my family, open my own business and stay for good,” said Nanany Bing.
Thus, after working for so long in HongKong, Nanay Bing decided to go back to the Philippines and be with her kids. But unlike other OFWs who gained financially stability, Nanay Bing was not able to achieve that, instead what she brought home with her was just what she learned from CARD OFW Foundation and the courage to face whatever obstacles she will face in the Philippines.
When, she returned to the Philippines on April 26, 2013 ,she continued being part of CARD which paved the way for her to open a center on June 2013. At first, she had difficulty encouraging housewives to join but later on through hard work and dedication she was able to encourage more which reached up to 30 members including her children and neighbors.
She started with a 3,000 loan which she used in opening her own business. Through the help of her family their business,which includes selling Ngohiong ( homemade lumpia), operating a sari-sari store and engaging in direct selling, thrived. It was through their business that they were able to have a rent to own house with a market value of 6 million pesos with a monthly amortization of 25,000-50,000 pesos.
Remarkably, the life of Nanay Bing and her family has changed since she started being a member of CARD, at present her loan at CARD amounts to 45,000 pesos and 100,000 pesos for the whole family.
” I know that all of these will not be possible without the help of CARD and my family said Nanay Bing.
She is also planning to put up a food cart in a mall near their place, assured in the belief that CARD will continue to support her in all her business endeavors. She also believes that through hard work anybody can realize his/her dream.
” It is much better being with a complete and happy family that is why I do not dream anymore of working abroad, because I am happier here in the Philippines.” concluded Nanay Bing.