MLNI launches That’s Eat Pancit

The Mga Likha ni Inay (MLNI), the marketing arm of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), officially launched the That’s Eat Pancit (Pancitan) on February 18, 2019 in MLNI’s Food Park at Marcos Paulino St. San Pablo City, Laguna.

The That’s Eat Pancit, according to MLNI President and CEO Julius Adrian Alip, is inspired by the Filipino’s love for pancit, which has actually become a staple in any Filipino gatherings. Whether it is a special celebration or just your day-to-day ulam, Pancit is part of the Filipino household. That’s Eat Pancit takes the traditional pancit to the next level by fusing it with more of the food that we love. Did you ever imagine eating bagnet, inasal, sisig and longanisang lucban on your pancit? Well at That’s Eat Pancit, you can have it all.

This Pancitan does not only cater to the stomach but it also caters to the heart. Alip shares that the Pancitan is part of the institution’s efforts to eradicate poverty in the Philippines. “This is our way of creating a market for our microfinancing clients, bybringing together our clients’ resources and skills for them to generate more income and eventually save and plan for their future,” said Alip.

The raw materials of all the pancit recipes available at MLNI’s Food Park come’s from the microfinance clients of CARD MRI. “From the noodles to vegetables to the meat being used are produced or being sold by the clients of CARD,” said Alip, adding that they always ensure that the services and products available in every microfinance clients of CARD are maximized and given the chance to be promoted in wider scale markets.

The cooks of MLNI’s pancit are also clients and dependents of the latter.

Alip also revealed that the Pancitan project through the assistance of its consultant – Jorge Wineke will be replicated soon through Franchising. “We want to be able to expand this business and help more people grow their trade. In so doing, we also discover and uncover new flavors of pancit with the hopes of reinventing the tradition of pancit-eating and creating a new tradition that will last for years to come,” said Alip in full excitement.

Established in 2014, MLNI continuously assists the microentrepreneurs in marketing their products to a wider market.

Present at the launching were Flordeliza Sarmiento, managing director of CARD MRI; Lorenza dT. Bañez, executive vice president of CARD Bank, Inc.; Dr. Dolores M. Torres, senior management adviser of CARD Bank, Inc.; and San Pablo City government officials.