Stories of Change
“Mary Jean Sarilla, the wife of the Barangay Councilor of Balaba, Polangui, Albay was initially hesitant in joining CARD. She was afraid that she might not be able to pay should she avail of a loan. Eventually in July 2005, upon the constant prodding of her husband, she applied for membership, a decision which she does not regret”
“Agnes Ornos resigned from her job as a Community Organizer for Mangyan Program for Development in Socorro, Oriental Mindoro in 1993 because she wanted to take care of her kids. She started her balut and salted eggs business in the same year.”
“It was on April 2, 2002 when Maria Calilap became a CARD member. She was so glad that finally she was taken in. She attempted to apply for CARD membership years before but her application was denied because her assets were more than the P50,000-limit set by CARD. “