Mrs. Rizalina C. Entienza

Name: Rizalina C. Entienza
Benefeciaries: Aiza Mae C. Entienza
Unit: Argao 2
Center: Dalas – Ag
Amount of Loan: Php. 3000.00

One of the most important things in raising children is teaching them to be obedient and be courageous to reach their dreams without harming others. That is the way Rizalina and her husband raised their five children. Currently the eldest child work as a cashier in a restaurant, the second one work as a soldier. Only two of their children are still studying in college and elementary. They are lucky for having courageous children that grew up with goals to improve their lives. Aside from the income of her husband as carpenter and from their hog fattening business, their children support them financially. Apart from working while studying, their college student is a university scholar so they do not have to worry about his tuition fee and allowances. They are so happy that while their family had a simple life, their children brought them so much pride.

However, she still borrowed educational loan as support to the school expenses of her youngest daughter in times of delayed remittance of financial support coming from her children. She availed Educational loan three times to pay for the school projects of her youngest daughter named Aiza. According to Aiza, she wants to have a good profession someday like her eldest brothers. She dreams of becoming a policewoman in order to serve the public.

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