CARD MRI scholar, now a licensed teacher

Abigail Allegado Amandy, a CARD MRI scholar and Education major who graduated cum laude at Southern Luzon State University (SLSU), is now a licensed teacher and currently teaches at Pagbilao Grande Island National High School in Pagbilao, Quezon.

Opportunity in Every Challenge

According to her mother, Abigail strived hard to finish her studies.  “She entered an e-load retail business to support her studies and have an extra income. She made sure that all her earnings and the scholarship grant from CARD were used on her educational needs,” Vivian, Abigail’s mother and a CARD member, said.

When Typhoon Glenda destroyed the Amandy family’s fishing boat, fish pens, and house. Abigail, then a third year college student, almost stopped going to school.

“I told her to temporarily stop from her studies since we can no longer support her. She was in SLSU back then and we waited for her to come. After two months of not coming home, I went to her boarding house and found out that she supported her education. She saved coins from her allowance and scholarship,” Vivian expressed.

Abigail, who came from a socio-economically challenged family, is a reminder that poverty is not an obstruction to attend and finish schooling. “I am so thankful to CARD. The financial and scholarship assistance helped us improve our lives. Without CARD, it would be so difficult for my daughter to achieve her dreams,” Vivian added.

Last November 28, 2016, the result of Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) was released. Abigail was one of the passers. She is now supporting her brother who is in grade nine.

CARD Scholarship Program (CSP)

The CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) has been supporting children of its member and clients through scholarships since 2000.

CARD MRI desires for its members and its families to strive for more and become significant contributors in social development and in uplifting Filipino lives. For more than a decade now, CARD ensures that the lives of its scholars and their families are continuously improving.

CARD MRI adheres to the belief that through education, change can be achieved. The CARD Scholarship Program or CSP serves its members through educational assistance and scholarships to members, their children, and deserving students from indigent and poorest communities. More than 8,142 education scholarship have been granted and about 3,403 scholars have already graduated.

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