Mrs. Sarah Canillo


Name: Sarah Canillo
Benefeciaries: Sarah Canillo
Unit: Argao 2
Center: Dalas – Ag
Amount of Loan: Php. 3000.00

Harvesting coconuts is the primary source of income of Sarah’s family. In times of minimal coconut harvests, the family looks for other sources of income. Sarah availed the educational loan to pay for the school projects and school supplies of her two children studying in elementary level. She stated that it was a big help for them to support the school needs of the children because the term of payment is affordable.

They have four children; two of them are now in 5th grade, the next one is in the 3rd grade and the youngest is still two years old. Her beneficiary is Cristian Dave and currently enrolled in Grade 3. This cheerful little boy dreams of a wonderful life when he gets old: he wants to finish college education and to become a policeman someday to help his family improve their way of living.

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