The Zero Dropout Education Loan Program

The Zero Dropout Program was conceptualized with the WS Family Foundation to give elementary aged children a chance to acquire basic education. It was then implemented in 2013 through grants and donations from its supporters.

This educational loan program is open to all, even non-CARD members with children in elementary level. The loan amount of Php1,000-Php3,000 is made accessible to support all school expenses of the children. Compared to other loans, the interest rate of 1% per month on diminishing balance is lower and the loan term is flexible to make it more affordable to the parents.

As an educational loan program, it unlocks educational opportunities normally unavailable to the financially disadvantaged. With children’s ability to read and write, chances of them coping in a competitive world would be higher. When we enable them to acquire basic education, we prepare them in achieving their goals in life.

The program is regularly monitored to continuously check the status of the program beneficiaries and continuously find ways to make it more beneficial. Furthermore, the expansion of the program will enable more poor families to avail loans that would help their children finish their schooling in elementary.