CMDI Love Fund

While walking along the Mekong River in Cambodia one morning, Dr. Alip and his wife, Ms. Annie, saw a landmark that caught their attention. They saw a structure made of metal forming the letters L-O-V-E with mementos tied in each of the letter structures. Fascinated, they took a closer look and found that it was a fund raising project for students – for minimum of $2 donation, the sponsor can write their name and message in a small item that can be tied to it.

The project was implemented in time for the celebration of his 60th birthday and retirement as Managing Director of CARD on 22nd April 2017. During the event, a booth was set up for the Love Fund program where the willing sponsors donated any amount for the educational fund of the CMDI scholars and in return, they were given the opportunity to write personal notes and messages of motivation in a heart-shaped paper pertinent to the program and its stakeholders, which they affixed in any part of the ‘L-O-V-E letter structures’. Every P70,000 donor fund collected provides a chance to support the schooling of a qualified scholar until they graduate. Ultimately, it is not the amount but the value of giving that matters – one fulfilled dream is a gateway towards helping a family out of poverty.