(As of August 2017)
Zero Dropout Program
Number of Total Clients Served 389,683
Number of Beneficiaries/Students 454,405
Amount of Loan Disbursement (Cumulative) 2,004,863,777
Amount of Loans Outstanding 377,476,917.34
Grants and Donation 51,235,192.18
Grants and Donation (Year to date) 6,972,650.12
Repayment Rate 99.76%
CARD MRI Scholarship Program
College Scholars 5,833
Senior High School Scholars 2,383
High School Scholars 169
Balik Eskwela si Nanay Scholars 405
Other Scholarships 234
CMDI Love Fund
Number of Benificiaries/ Students 2
Amount of Funding 704,335
Amount of Donations received 745,835