Home Sweet Home

Posted on September 1, 2022

Delicacies like puto, pichi-pichi, kutsinta, and bibingka are Melanie Ibanez’s partner in moving forward.

Melanie Ibañez from Cagayan found a sweet home when she married into a family whose business line is in producing Filipino delicacies.

When her two kids reached school age, she established her own delicacies enterprise. Her business initially did not do well. Instead of giving up, she kept on going forward. She began visiting other barangays and walking door to door to introduce her products to potential consumers. It was challenging since she needed to give people time to get familiar with her delicacies.

But all the earlier hardships and effort paid off the moment people started to patronize her products. Just when her business was starting to take off, another challenge rose. Naturally, as her business grew, so does her need for a bigger capital.

Twelve years ago, she made the decision to become a CARD MRI Rizal Bank (CMRBI) client. She obtained her first loan from the financial institution, which she used as additional funds for her business. As a loyal client of the bank, she also supports its journey of digital transformation.

When CMRBI launched its konek2CARD mobile app, she tried to avail a loan through it. She used the loan to acquire a motorcycle, which she used for the delivery of products to customers and resellers. During the pandemic, when her children had to study online, she was also able to avail of a loan for the purchase of a laptop.

“CMRBI is an ideal partner in business because it can provide loans that are suited to an individual’s type of business,” Melanie explains.