(As of September 2017)
Number of Total Clients Served 222,905
Number of Clients Incld. Savers 217,183
Number of Active Clients with Loans 154,710
Amount of Loans Disbursed P3,611,874,366
Amount of Loans Outstanding P1,605,619,022
Amount of Savings P1,298,145,633
Repayment Rate 99.54%
Total Staff 771
Total Offices 131
Branches/Area/Regional Offices 12
Unit/Service Office 118
Head Office 1
Total Asset  P2,169,948,991.93
Total Liabilities P1,628,166,274.41
Total Equity P541,782,717.52
Assets/Liability 1.33
Debt/Equity 3.01
OSS/Revenue Cost Ratio 138.79%
Financial Self-Sufficiency 131.59%
Return on Assets 9.15%
Return on Equity 37.97%
Administrative Cost 38.68%
Portfolio Yield 53.25%