CARD readies relief packs ahead of “Vinta” landfall



Staff and clients of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institution (CARD MRI) in Mindanao simultaneously packed relief goods for at least five percent of their total number of clients two days before the expected landfall of tropical storm Vinta.


“To strategically provide easy and fast assistance for our clients, all our unit offices that are safe, near, and within the areas where the tropical storm is expected to cross, are packing relief goods that are enough to cover the number of clients they are serving,” said Marilyn Manila, CARD MRI’s Disaster Management Chair.


Manila also added that the number of relief goods prepared will cover all of its clients who will possibly be affected by Vinta.


Claims validation

Other than the relief assistance preparation, CARD MRI’s staff are already on the ground preparing for the validation of claims for life and non-life insurance.


All microfinance clients of CARD MRI are automatically enrolled in CARD Mutual Benefit Association (CARD MBA), the microinsurance arm of CARD MRI, and are entitled with life insurance benefits.


Clients may also avail various non-life products, such as re-house, hospitalization, among others, with low premium cost to other microinsurance companies of CARD MRI, the CARD MRI Insurance Agency (CaMIA) and CARD Pioneer Microinsurance, Inc. (CPMI).


8-24 hour claims validation

The immediate validation activity is part of CARD MBA’s 8-24 hour claims payment strategy.


The strategy commits to pay the claims due for its policy holders within eight hours and maximum of 24 hours right after any incident that would cost their lives and properties.


Credit with education
“CARD MRI also has an education program called Credit with Education (CwE). A new module on disaster management had been rolled out this year to all our centers. CwE modules are being facilitated by our Account Officers during center meetings of our clients,” Manila said.


Center meeting is one CARD MRI’s strategy to gather its clients weekly and discuss various topics that would benefit their family and respective businesses.


At least 10 minutes per center meeting is allotted for the Credit with Education (CwE). “The topic on disaster management is taught for eight sessions or at least two months,” Manila added.


CARD MRI is also hopeful that none of its clients will lose lives as they have armed them already with all the needed skills before, during, and after disaster.