Microinsurance Coordinator

Through our Microinsurance Coordinator (MICoordinator), we developed a new sales force in distributing our PAID Plan. We teach them selling strategies so that potential buyers can see the advantage of being insured.

Micro-insurance Supervisor

Micro-insurance Supervisors of the CARD MRI Insurance Agency, Inc. work closely with CaMIA MI-Coordinator to ensure that they are trained well to communicate the benefits of being enrolled in the services of CaMIA. With CaMIA and CARD-Pioneer Microinsurance, Inc. more families and communities can be assured in times of uncertainties.

CARD MRI Offices as CaMIA / CPMIA Product Outlets

We also authorize CARD MRI’s unit offices to sell Sagip Plan, CARD Care and Kabuklod Plan. This way, whenever CARD MRI clients would like to avail of our

CARD MRI staff as Sagip Plan Ambassadors

As we would also like to provide insurance to our own workforce, all CARD MRI employees are encouraged to introduce Sagip Plan to their families and relatives.