CaMIA bags PIONEER’s Best Top Performing Travel Insurance Agent

CARD MRI Insurance Agency, Inc. (CaMIA) was named the best top performing travel insurance agent for 2018 as recognized by PIONEER Insurance during the latter’s Safe Trip Circle of Excellence Awards Night at Glorietta 3, Makati City on July 18, 2019. 

“With Safe Trip insurance, we can be 100% sure that our clients’ travels are secured. We believe that travelers should have the confidence to go wherever, knowing that they are in safe hands with PIONEER’s travel insurance. As a distributor, this award encourages us to continue our efforts widening the reach of Filipinos who knows the importance of safe and secured travels,” said CaMIA President and General Manager Vener S. Abellera.

Since 2018, CaMIA has been the distributor of PIONEER Insurance Safe Trip, the official travel insurance of all CARD MRI clients and staff during program monitoring, trainings and exposure program, and other official travels.

The recognition, as emphasized by PIONEER’s CEO Lorenzo Chan, Jr., is their way of recognizing the efforts made by its external partners, travel agencies and companies. “The growth and success of PIONEER Insurance Safe Trip today is because of the outstanding efforts of our partners,” added CEO Chan. 

CaMIA, is the microinsurance agent of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) that offers life and non-life insurance products including Sagip Plan, CARD CARE and Kabuklod Plan at the most affordable premium rates to microfinance clients of CARD MRI and the general public. Likewise, PIONEER is one of the most financially stable insurance providers globally. The awarding is a regular annual event of Pioneer. 

To date, CaMIA has a total of 2,825 enrollment of safe trip insurance with more than 3.1 million travel sales.