Life Amidst the Rubble

Life Amidst the Rubble

A week after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Central Visayas region, a Pioneer team visited Bohol to help partner institutions validate the claims of CaMIA Paid Plan policy owners whose houses were devastated by the calamity.

Because of Pioneer’s fast response and fast claims settlement, financial property assistance and payouts were processed within the day. Pioneer was able to validate up to 200 claims of CaMIA Paid Plan policy owners in Bohol, giving them the ample help they needed to rebuild their lives from the rubble.

One of the policy owners Pioneer helped was a pregnant mother who suffered a close call when the earthquake transpired, after almost losing one of her children when her house wall collapsed but was pulled out of harm’s way at the last second by her husband. She planned to start anew and use the money she received from the claim to rebuild her damaged home. With a smile, she expressed that she was very happy knowing that she was being insured by Pioneer.

Indeed, aside from protecting your hopeful dreams and loved ones, Pioneer will always be here to safeguard the things you care about the most and give you the help you need to get back on your feet.