CARD MRI to launch new services in 2017

CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) plans to launch two new institutions for this year, namely, CARD MRI Hijos Tours and CARD MRI Publishing House to provide a better service to the community. These institutions share the same goal and vision of CARD MRI.

“For years, CARD MRI has been dealing with the fight to eradicate poverty. By helping economically-challenged families, we want to extend not only financial services but also help in developing their skills,” said Flordeliza Sarmiento, Deputy Managing Director of CARD MRI.

CARD MRI Tour Company

Year 2013, the tour program was established by CARD MRI in San Pablo, Laguna. This aim to provide additional income to CARD MRI members while developing their skills and gaining knowledge about the history of their own place.

A CARD member serves as tour guides and suppliers of food during tours.

Moreover, the tour will be graced by staffs, members, and partners of CARD MRI during Lakbay-Aral.

With the positive feedback of those who have attended the tours, the program was also established in Leyte and Samar afterwards.

“We want the community to have a positive change towards their way of living and their way of thinking so that they will also learn to value our own story,” Sarmiento added.

Because of the continuous success of the program, CARD MRI is planning to make this company to be a part of the zero poverty goal in the country.

CARD MRI Publishing House

Aside from the products and services that CARD MRI offers to more than 4 million clients, the organization believes on the importance of dissemination of positive information and communication.

This will help uplift the knowledge of each individual and may open more opportunities for them.

“How we help clients alleviate from poverty does not limit us on extending financial services. We also try to consider the different aspects of human life that is why we have education, health and insurance programs. The information dissemination is also an important way for them to better understand the situation and how to deal with it,” Sarmiento said.

The Publishing House is now planned to be established to further provide news and publications that will help clients.

The 14 institutions of CARD MRI

CARD MRI has 14 institutions that helps each other in helping people alleviate from poverty. It has 4 microfinance institutions, 3 banking institutions, 3 insurance companies, a school for senior high school and college, IT company, 2 leasing companies, pharmacy and 2 companies that help in marketing and promotion of products made by clients.