The beating of a cheerful heart

Posted on June 1, 2022

With skillful hands, Nilda Lotino quickly weaves a placemat out of abaca.

When asked how she maintains her youthful looks, 65-year-old Nilda Lotino from Pilar, Sorsogon simply explained, “I don’t let problems drag me down. I always believe that there is a solution to every problem.”

Abaca is commonly found in Pilar Sorsogon. At a young age, Nilda already learned how to weave abaca together with her older siblings. Determined to keep this tradition and business alive in her own family, she passed on the technique and process of weaving to her seven children. Now, it has become part of their livelihood. Her business produces bags, baskets, and placemats.

As much as she enjoys weaving like a hobby, Nilda acknowledges that the people she employs also relies on her business for financial stability. This gives her the perseverance to continue developing her craft.

She also gets the financial support she needs from an institution that empowers her business. She has been a CARD Bank client for 18 years. CARD Bank is a microfinance-oriented rural bank that provides a wide range of loan products intended to fit clients’ businesses and family needs at an affordable interest rate and flexible payment terms.

Through CARD Bank, she was able to sustain their basic needs and expand her source of income. She is also an owner of a small sari-sari store. From her PhP3,000 starting loan in CARD Bank, she currently has an existing loan of PhP40,000.

Nilda’s positivity in life shines abundantly not only to her family but also to her community. With her optimistic mindset, she continues to journey through life creating impactful meaning to the people surrounding her.