In 2013, the Community Development Group of CARD MRI was established. The group was then created to provide non-financial services to its clients and members. One of its supporting unit is the Corporate Communications which reinforce image and meaning of CARD towards community development. Also, it organize, manage, and oversee communication programs of CARD MRI.

One of the major publication of CARD MRI is “SULONG: Ang Pahayagang Pangkaunlaran ng CARD MRI” which replaced KILAPSAW, the newsletter of CARD MRI since 2009. Sulong is in the form of tabloid, having more pages than Kilipsaw that features different aspects in terms of development such as microfinance, health, education, environment, improving businesses, and many more.

Moreover, various communication materials are being produced to disseminate information such as annual report, brochures, fliers and other publications.

And because CARD MRI have produced a lot of publications, the potential to grow as an institution is clearly seen. Its envision to be the first development-oriented newspaper in the country has led to touch and inspire more lives of Filipinos inside and outside the Philippines.

On July 11, 2017, the CARD MRI Publishing House Inc. or CMPHI was officially established. The company is the 21st member institution of CARD MRI that provides educational communication materials that will encourage many Filipinos to improve their lives.

Vision and Mission


CARD MRI Publishing House is the leading publisher of print and digital materials that inspires innovative undertakings for the growth and development of communities.



CARD MRI Publishing House is committed to:

  • Provide relevant information that will inspire innovative ventures among CARD MRI community (members, staff, etc.) that will contribute to community development;
  • Engage the CARD MRI community to become co-publisher of print and digital materials;
  • Share success stories that will inspire others towards life-changing initiatives and life-long learning; and
  • Communicate the CARD MRI culture and values.

Our Team


Ms. Marilyn M. Manila

President and Chairperson

Ms. Evelyn Teodora M. Narvaez

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Deverna dT. Briones


Ms. Aniceta R. Alip


Ms. Cleofe M. Figuracion

Member/Corporate Secretary

Mr. Guillermo G. Ramos, Jr.

Independent Member

Ms. Maria Ancilla Alcantara

Independent Member



Ms. Marilyn M. Manila


Ms. Cyrene Grace Lubigan

Deputy Director – OIC

Mr. Jeffrey Tandingan

Corporate Communications Officer

Mr. Jeffie Ubaldo

Finance Officer