Rates of Services

Job Orders

Annual Report Production Package P50,000 to P300,000
Fliers, posters, brochures P3,000
Tarpaulin P1,000
Layout of publication P300 per page
Other Marketing collaterals For assessment of CMPHI and approval of requesting party


Materials for review
News 700
Posters, brochures, fliers, tarps 1000
Publications 500 per page
Videos 3000


Social Media Management 
Content Development
Digital Posters 2000
Texts and Descriptions 500 per caption
Video 125,000
Monitoring, Maintenance and Reporting 3000 per month
Posting with boosted Reach 5000 per month


Website Management
Item Frequency Amount
Page Update As the need arises 500 per page
Facilitation of Requests for enhancement As the need arises 5000
Content Development
Photosliders   1,000 per photo
Texts and Descriptions   1500 per page
Monitoring and Reporting Monthly 2000 per month