Accreditation Process

For Microfinance

The program is open to all Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Financial Institutions (Fis) and Cooperatives (Coops).

Applicants should submit the following for Level I accreditation (Table Evaluation):

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Three (3) years of Audited Financial Statements.
  • Latest Microfinance Program Status Reports.
  • Latest Annual Report.
For Leasing

This is open to all RISE’s existing microfinance institutions partners and all of its affiliate organizations. Private universities/ colleges/schools. In the future, RISE will also open its leasing program to hospitals and SMEs.

Interested applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Formal Letter of Application Letter / Intent
  • Registration Certificate from SEC
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By– Laws
  • Notarized board resolution approving the application for leasing from
  • RISE and authorizing person/s to sign and transact in behalf of the university
  • Specimen Signature/s of person/s mentioned in “e” executed in the
  • presence of or on duly notarized affidavit of the corporate secretary
  • Basic Information / History
  • 3 years audited financial statements
  • Interim financial statements
  • Duly accomplished Application Form