At A Glance

as of July 2018


clients served

2 billion+

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Who We Are

RISE is a financing company registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission. We engage in the financial leasing of movable and immovable properties. We extend our services to microfinance institutions and their partners like schools and hospitals.


What We Do

RISE offer lending services primarily to microfinance and educational institutions. We offer financial lease and operating lease.
For financial lease, the lessee pays the lease either in whole or in part toward the eventual purchase of a product. On the other hand, the operating lease allows lessee to lease equipment for the efficiency of their business operations.
RISE Financing Company is a dynamic full-service financial institution, operating a framework of shared integrity. We contribute to the development of the education system in the Philippines as financing arm for their upgrading through innovative solutions and transforming traditional learning through interactive and creative digital classroom. We emphasize strong relationship that lead to business growth and total human development anchored on solidarity and excellence. We aim to provide strong client relationships and high level of community involvement.


How We Do Things

Through effective market segmentation, RISE is able to clearly identify our focus as a leasing company. We prioritize educational institutions, cooperatives, and rural banks as we know that this group of clientele needs our services the most. With the network we belong in, we can easily tap these kinds of clients.
However, we also open our doors to organizations, institutions, and individuals who wish to acquire assets in order to improve productivity and profitability.

Our Community

We build our community around educational institutions, cooperatives, and rural banks. By supporting schools and universities through the products we offer, we believe that we also contribute to poverty alleviation in the country.
Meanwhile, cooperatives and rural banks give access to the poor, who are our reason for being. By providing them with our services, we also help in providing better services for the poor.