The Forgiving Tailor

Posted on August 3, 2022

Standing firmly and with determination is what makes Joffre Tayco successful in his tailoring business.

From working with mainstream brands, Joffre Tayco created his own brand of quality tailoring founded on his passion for entrepreneurship and his devotion to providing a brighter future for his five children.

He started working for famous brands as a tailor when he was just 18 years old. After a while, he was eventually promoted to becoming the supervisor of his company. Gaining from this experience, he decided to start his own tailor shop.

Starting from scratch was already tough. He taught his new employees how to create coats and pants so he can provide them a living. However, after acquiring sewing skills, the people he trained moved on to greener pastures.

Even with a high employee turnover, he was still determined to carry on. He never grew tired of training new people. For as long as the new employee is willing to learn even without prior experience, he is also willing to pass on his expertise. For him, character is more important than skills.

Joffre also values forgiveness. Despite his previous employees leaving him once, he still accepted them when they decided to return. Now, his tailor shop has 16 employees. Since he can now produce more products, he can now supply to shops in Divisoria. As his business flourished, he was able to purchase a car and land in the province.

Expanding his business also required a bigger capital. He found a partner in growing his business with CARD SME Bank. With the loans he acquired from the thrift bank, he bought additional machines and fabric needed for tailoring.

“At first, I was hesitant in letting my wife become a client of CARD SME Bank. The idea of having a loan used to be intimidating for me. But when I found out that there is more to CARD SME Bank than providing financial services, I myself became a client, too,” Joffre explained. He is now in his 12 years as a client of CARD SME Bank.

There will be times when people will turn their back on you in the pursuit of a better life. But if there’s one thing to be learned from Joffre’s story, it’s that a business will continue to thrive with the right mindset, a positive character, and the support of a trustworthy financial institution.