SME Loans

Express Working Capital Loan

a) Term Loan

A loan which is specifically designed for your businesses that from time to time, requires financing to bridge gaps in your cash flow. This type of loan can be used to: fund day to day operations, replenish stocks or inventory or any other short-term requirements.

b) Revolving Credit Line

Maximum term for each credit line availment is 180 days wherein principal is payable upon maturity. Depending on your needs, Express Working Capital can be a term loan with fixed  terms of three months to three years and loanable amount starts at  PhP100,000.

Loan Term

Loanable Amount Starts at P100,000
Term 3 months to 3 years
Mode of Payment Monthly
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate


  Revolving Credit Line

Loanable Amount Starts at P500,000
Validity Period One (1) year; Renewable annually
Availment/PN Term Minimum of 90 days and Maximum of 180 days
Mode of Payment Interest  – discounted in advance for 3 months Principal – payable upon maturity
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate


Express Investment Loan

A short to medium term loan to assist you in your planned expansion by financing purchase of land for business use, equipment or delivery vehicles, construction of a new warehouse, office building or manufacturing plant or even renovation of existing ones. You can avail of up to PhP 5 million loan and choose among our flexible terms that will match your cash flow.


  1. Loanable amount will depend on the result of credit evaluation on the borrower.
  2. Prevailing interest rates on the date and time of approval shall apply.
Loanable Amount Starts at P100,000
PN Term 3 months to 5 years
Grace Period Maximum of Six  (6) Months on Principal
Mode of Payment Monthly
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate

Express Working Capital Loan II

This is additional working capital loan offered to the clients to support their business needs. This will ensure that business enterprise of our clients will sustain its additional working capital for business continuity.


Bahay Katuparan Loan (Housing Loan)

As part of our commitment to alleviating poverty in the country, we have recently launched “Bahay Katuparan Loan”, a housing loan facility for our members and non-members alike, to make it easier for them to buy their dream home. With high appraisal value and low equity payment requirement coupled with flexible terms and interest rates, their dream of having their own home becomes a reality. Simply put, “Bahay Katuparan”.

Loanable Amount P200,000 to P3,000,000
Loan Term 1 year to 25 years
Mode of Payment Monthly
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate


Interest Rate (Subject to re-pricing; to be based on prevailing interest rate at the time of review 7.00% Fixed for one to two years
7.50% Fixed for three to five years
9.00% Fixed for six to 10 years
10.00% Fixed for 11 to 15 years
10.75% Fixed for 16 to 20 years
11.50% Fixed for 21 to 25 years
12% p.a Fixed: for multi-purpose loan


Drive Ur Wheels (Car Loan)

A car loan offered to individuals and business entities who would want to purchase a brand new  car for either private or public use.


Loanable Amount 90% of dealer’s price
Loan Term 1 year to 5 years
Mode of Payment Monthly
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate


AgriBusiness Loan

Financing producers in rural sector to support expansion plans.


Loanable Amount Starts at P100,000
Loan Term 3 months to 1 year
Mode of Payment Monthly, Quarterly or based on production cycle
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate


Microfinance Loans


Primarily intended for working and business capital of clients such as purchase of equipment and assets for use in the business, buying of raw materials, purchase of office supplies, etc. Members can borrow up to Php150,000.00


The MF-Micro-Agri Loan seeks to assist the clients of CARD SME BANK, INC. to have access to microfinance loans that they can use in implementing agricultural and other agriculture related business. Loanable Amount up to Php150,000.00 Mode of payment is weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly.


MF-Micro-Housing Loan product seeks to assist the microfinance clients of CARD SME BANK, INC. to improve their houses and have comfortable living. Loanable amount is up to Php300,000.00 Mode of payment is weekly equal amortizations.

Other Loan Products


The OL-Educational Loan is a product that intends to assist those members who have school age children but needs financial assistance to send them to school.

  • OL-EDUCATIONAL LOAN I – High School and College

This loan shall be used in all educational loan granted to clients for the purpose of supporting client’s children in High School and College Level.

Loanable Amount: Up to Php 10,000.00
Manner of Payment: Weekly Amortization
  • OL-EDUCATIONAL LOAN II – Elementary (ZeDrES)

This loan shall and only be exclusive for clients with children of dependents in Pre-school and Elementary Level (Daycare/Kinder, Prep, and Grades 1 to 6).

Loanable Amount: Up to Php 3,000.00
Manner of Payment: Weekly Amortization


Realizing that the sickness and other health problems, being experienced by the microfinance clients and borrowers and their house hold members, remained to be one of the biggest threats in maintaining high portfolio quality in the microfinance operations, CAD SME BANK initiated partnership with PhilHealth and SSS in order to ensure access of the services of Philhealth and SSS to CARD SME clients and their families through facilitating payments and documentary requirements.


OL-Health Loan Philhealth is a loan provided to members intended for paying their Philhealth contribution for their one year hospitalization coverage and benefits.

Loanable Amount: Up to Php 4,800.00
Manner of Payment: Weekly Amortization

The OL-SSS Premium Loan is intended for CARD SME BANK members and savers who want to avail services of SSS for their future retirement. CARD SME BANK provides OL-SSS Premium Loan to all qualified members amounting to maximum of 6 months premium payment for the members.

Loanable Amount: Up to P15,000
Manner of Payment: Weekly Amortization


In the continuous effort of CARD SME BANK, INC. towards assisting our clients and in further support to our Mobile Financial Services (MFS) project, mobile phone/cellphone loan shall be offered to all qualified clients. Loan shall be used in acquiring mobile phone/cellphone unit.

Loanable Amount: Up to Php 10,000.00
Manner of Payment: Weekly Amortization



Maagap Savings

A savings account for children specially designed to teach them the value of savings in a fun and easy way. We provide each child a piggy bank where they will save their coins and every time they fill it up, they will deposit the coins to their accounts. Maagap savings earns high interest with very minimal ADB requirement.


A regular passbook savings account that earns high interest with low initial deposit and maintaining balance required. ADB required is just PhP 2,000.00 to earn interest. Ideal for those who want to save up for the future expenses but can withdraw anytime. Minimal ADB requirement to earn high interest.


Special savings or time deposit account which earns high interest based on a fixed term, the longer the term, the higher the rate. Perfect for those who want higher returns on their funds.

My BizCheck

A checking account designed for business owners (individual account as well) to provide them convenience in paying their suppliers and utilities.

My A Account

An ATM based account which provides account holders the convenience to access their accounts anytime.





Deposits are insured by PDIC up to Php500,000 per depositor.


CARD Sulit Padala

An in-house domestic remittance service where clients can enjoy sending money through CARD SME Bank and received by their loved ones in any CARD SME Bank, CARD Bank and CARD MRI Rizal Bank Inc. branches nationwide.

Domestic Remittance

A domestic remittance service in partnership with local remittance service provider Cebuana Lhuiller. Clients can now send money through CARD SME Bank and claim it at any branches of CARD SME Bank and outlet of Cebuana Lhuiller or vice versa.