Maagap Savings

A savings account for children specially designed to teach them the value of savings in a fun and easy way. We provide each child a piggy bank where they will save their coins and every time they fill it up, they will deposit the coins to their accounts. Maagap savings earns high interest with very minimal ADB requirement.


A regular passbook savings account that earns high interest with low initial deposit and maintaining balance required. ADB required is just PhP 2,000.00 to earn interest. Ideal for those who want to save up for the future expenses but can withdraw anytime. Minimal ADB requirement to earn high interest.


Special savings or time deposit account which earns high interest based on a fixed term, the longer the term, the higher the rate. Perfect for those who want higher returns on their funds.

My BizCheck

A checking account designed for business owners (individual account as well) to provide them convenience in paying their suppliers and utilities.

My A Account

An ATM based account which provides account holders the convenience to access their accounts anytime.





Deposits are insured by PDIC up to Php500,000 per depositor.