Operating Lease

We provide operating lease and rental services of vehicles and office equipment.

Finance Lease

Tech-savvy? Want to be updated with the latest technology and be connected to the world? Name the gadgets and accessories you need and we will get it for you.

Solar Products

Another secondary purpose of CARD LFC is the trading and distribution of solar home systems and solar lamps. CARD LFC provides solar products to household living in off grid areas through the micro financing services of CARD Bank and CARD, Inc. CARD LFC currently distributes products from Panasonic, Best Brands http://power4all.org/home/ and Hybrid Solutions http://hybridsocialsolutions.com/

Social Enterprise

If you are a social enterprise or your enterprise’s activities involves working with communities, group of farmers, laborers, micro entrepreneurs and sub contractors. We would like to hear from you! Let us know how we can partner in inclusive growth.

Start-Up Loans

If your business is less than a year or even just about to get started. Please inquire about our loan for start-up businesses and get approval/credit decision within 5 working days! (Please note that this apply to CALABARZON Area only)