Globally Competitive Process Frameworks

In line with our vision to become a world-class IT company, CMIT has been continually improving its business processes by adopting global standards and frameworks. In 2010, we started aligning our solution development process with PMBOK, a world-renown American standard on project management. In 2013, we improved our IT service management process by adopting ITIL, a British standard widely used by IT organizations around the world.

We have also undergone a few organizational restructuring, the first of which was done with the help of Cocoon Consulting, an HR firm based in India. Succeeding restructuring initiatives followed to keep us aligned with the dynamic market demands.

Aiming to ensure that we deliver proactive and coherent solutions, we engaged Info-Tech Research Group, a Canadian IT research firm, to work with us in establishing our Enterprise Architecture.

In 2014, we intend to keep this momentum going. We are now in the process of adopting COBIT and TOGAF, another two widely used frameworks that will ensure we offer only the best products and services.

In November 2016, CMIT started conducting Business Process Reengineering (BPR), an official project which formally aligns processes to ITIL framework. This gives a detailed description of number of important IT practices with comprehensive checklists, tasks and procedures that can be tailored to any IT organization. The project has been done on August 2017 and we started implementing on October 2017.

Employee Empowerment


     The moment an employee onboards at CMIT, we ensure that life-long learning begins and fostered throughout his/her stay in

our company.     

                 Graduate Studies

In local and foreign universities for employees who have shown remarkable skills and significant contributions to the company

         Process Trainings

          Ensures coherence and robustness of business and IT processes across the whole product and service portfolio of CMIT

         Technology Trainings
          Keeps us in sync with the dynamism of the IT industry
         Internal Mentoring Programs
          Instills a culture of knowledge sharing among employees