Being an empowered employee through EMPC

Ferdinand L. Emata

Printing Officer – CARD Leasing and Finance


As one of the staff of CARD Leasing and Finance Corporation (CARD LFC), I came to understand how CARD MRI gives utmost regard to the hard work and contribution of its workforce through the CARD Employee’s Multi-purpose Cooperative (EMPC). Formally established as a cooperative in 2000, EMPC had since served as the Institution’s means of reinforcing its staff by providing a range of services aimed to address the needs of us employees. The cooperative acknowledges that when our families’ needs are met, we are more able to function as satisfied and productive employees.

Some of the benefits we gain through EMPC include a variety of loan products as well as scholarship programs for our children. Among the other selected members, I have been very fortunate to benefit from EMPC’s scholarship program for the children of CARD MRI’s employees. In December 2014, through a raffle promo of CARD MRI, I was surprised and was very happy to have my name picked as one of the recipients of the said scholarship program.

The scholarship program allows one child of an employee to avail the financial assistance worth Php 6000 per semester, all throughout his college education. In return, they only require us to submit a copy of his grades every semester. In my case, the second eldest of our four children became the recipient of the scholarship. My son, Jude Francis Emata, is a Computer Programming student in the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa and is graduating this June 2017.

Our family’s income comes mainly from my salary as a printing officer in CARD LFC and from our sari-sari store business. At the same time, my wife also works in the monitoring operations in our barangay hall but only receives allowance as compensation. Hence, the educational financial assistance from the cooperative was of great help to our family as we were able to utilize it for my son’s allowances, transportation expenses, books, as well as for his other academic requirements in school.

EMPC has always been one of those we can rely on during difficult times. Through the cooperative, CARD MRI makes sure that while we are giving services to its clients and members, we and our families are well-taken care of as well. Through their constant dialogue with us members, they are able to keep up with the ever-changing needs of its employees. For me, this sincere dedication of CARD MRI to provide for the needs of its thousand of employees, as it does to its millions of clients, is what sets the Institution apart from the others. Also, it is one of the many things that constantly encourage me to stay with CARD MRI.