How we do things

As we value the contribution of CARD MRI staff in uplifting the lives of marginalized communities, we continue to provide our cooperative members with products and services that are efficient. Being their support system in terms of financial and healthcare services, we‘ve pilot new loan product for selected areas and simplified requirements of health claims reimbursement. We are committed to process the complete loan application within 1-3 working days upon receipt but only one day when the purpose is emergency. We are also committed to pay complete health reimbursement documents within 1-3 days upon receipt.

CARD EMPC is also part of the Credit Information System Act, which is being done by commercial banks and other financial institutions, including cooperatives. Through this, we can check whether our cooperative’s members have loans with other institutions. This is part of our move to ensure that our cooperative’s members are also financially literate.

As we equip our CARD MRI clients with skills and know-how’s towards financial independence, we also want to do the same for our staff.