Support like no other

Ronnie D. Fallega

Chief Information Officer

Core Banking System, CARD Bank

As a father of four, I have experienced trying times. Our needs started to increase as our family grew bigger; there were greater needs for everyday living. One of our major concerns was my children’s education and this is when CARD MRI came to help.

CARD MRI assures that the employees are always provided with the best support that they deserve. Not only do we receive benefits for our own but for our families as well, they are also able to experience the generous heart of the institution.

Through CARD Employee Multi-purpose Cooperative (EMPC), my concern regarding the education of my children is somehow addressed. EMPC does not only offer a wide variety of loans, but it also gives out scholarship program to the children of CARD MRI employees. My eldest daughter received a scholarship grant from EMPC, which helped our family in a great way.

My daughter was granted with EMPC’s scholarship all throughout her secondary education. It is inclusive of 6,000 pesos every term which we use for enrolment, budget for books, for uniforms, and for my daughter’s allowance. This scholarship covers any school of our choice —private or public. As my daughter studies in a private school, her tuition fee is quite expensive. Aside from that, I also had to support three of my other children. The scholarship from EMPC truly helped us because I, alone, work for our family.

We are really grateful that we can give quality education to our children with the help of the institution. I hope that other CARD MRI staff will also get to experience the support that it brings to our family. I know that as a member of EMPC, the cooperative will continue its legacy of supporting CARD MRI staff with its every need. I hope that the scholarship grant, will grow and cater to a larger number of deserving scholars.

With its goal to strengthen competence, promote family spirit and excellence, and offer higher quality of products and services, EMPC will surely continue to bring its clients to better living conditions.