Shellane Espiritu

Owner of Aqua Nazh


Shellane Espiritu’s story is that of hope and determination despite the struggles she and her family had experienced.


Shellane decided to put up a Water Refilling Station in 2010 in Angono, Rizal to fulfill his father’s business operation a few months after his death.She was on her 3rd year with CARD when she started Aqua Nazh Purified Water Station with the P200,000 inherited from her father combined with her loan from CARD amounting to P10,000. The water they used was supplied by NAWASA, while the water containers were ordered from suppliers in Binangonan and Angono.With the help of her husband, they started doing bulk deliveries to the three biggest companies in Angono. She later employed two out-of-school youth as workers when demand increased. To ensure the smooth operation of the business, Nanay Shellane directly supervises her workers and also manages the customers’ orders.


As a result of their marketing efforts, Aqua Nazh now delivers approximately 400 gallons of water weekly and has also started authorizing dealers in their area.Their average annual sales has reached P 1,408,365 giving them a profit of P634, 253.


Running her water station lead Nanay Shellane to experience challenges that tested her determination.
But with intensified marketing efforts and proper cash flow management they were able to continuously sustain the business.


Despite the many challenges she encountered, Nanay Shellane never forgets to share her blessings. This is what she considers to be the secret to the continued success of her business.

~ Shellane Espiritu