CARD MRI kicks off campaign for 1 Million konek2CARD users

CARD MRI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip shared his inspirational message and congratulates staff for their contribution towards digital transformation during the kick-off of the konek2CARD campaign at Maharlika Square, San Pablo City on February 8, 2021.

To push forward its mission for financial inclusivity, the three banking institutions of CARD MRI namely CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, and CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc. kicked off its campaign to reach 1 Million konek2CARD registered users at Maharlika Square, San Pablo City participated by CARD officers and staff nationwide via Zoom videoconferencing with simultaneous livestreaming on Facebook on February 8, 2021.

The konek2CARD is an online mobile application that provides safety and convenience in doing banking transactions. The mobile app is designed so that clients can easily monitor their accounts, pay bills, and fund transfer to other bank accounts, among others.

The kick-off activity marked the start of an aggressive campaign for 2021 to increase the app registrations and  induce usage of the app. The “Saya ng Buhay, Level  App” campaign was launched together with the comical and informative online video  and a trendy and danceable jingle that will surely excite the audience. Some of the highlights of the event were the milestones and the 2021 strategic directions of konek2CARD. Top performing Account Officers and bank branches for 2020 were also recognized.

“Saya ng buhay, level app,” the newest tagline of konek2CARD, depicts the improvements experienced by CARD MRI clients as they start to integrate the app in their daily lives. Instead of going through the hassle of queuing in line to make bank transactions or pay bills, they save time that they can instead spend on family and on themselves. Thus, bringing “saya” to the lives of CARD clients. Meanwhile, “level app” is a play on words, which encourages CARD clients to level up by using the konek2CARD app.

Starting in the month of February, various konek2CARD marketing activities and promos will be launched to boost app registration and encourage usage. Among these activities include internal and external registration promo, live countdown to 1 Million registrations, konek2CARD dance contest, and usage promo.

The kick-off was physically attended by CARD MRI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, CARD MRI Managing Director Flordeliza L. Sarmiento, its senior management advisers, CARD MRI Executive Committee members and several head office-based staff. Meanwhile, CARD MRI unit offices nationwide viewed the program via Facebook Live.

“In this time of pandemic when mobile banking has proven useful to everyone, our years of working hard to develop an app that is tailor-fitted to the needs of our clients paid off. Through konek2CARD, we give our clients the opportunity to level up and adapt to the changes of the new normal,” said Dr. Alip.

He emphasized that despite the challenges faced in the early development of the mobile app and the initial reception of elderly clients, CARD MRI has always been assertive in prioritizing technology and innovation. “Because we are in the business of poverty eradication, we know that the efficient way to expand our reach is by maximizing the use of technology. With this innovation, barriers and borders are broken down in just a simple tap in their mobile phones,” he further explained.

Konek2CARD’s milestones

CARD Bank started its digital transformation journey in 2012. By 2016, the mobile banking app konek2CARD was launched to allow clients to experience hassle-free banking transactions anytime, anywhere using their mobile phones. In 2019, CARD SME Bank and CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc. followed suit and introduced the application to their clients. The konek2CARD mobile application is also set to be fully implemented in the microfinance NGO of CARD MRI, Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, Inc. (A microfinance NGO) this year.

“Through time, we saw how our clients become more accepting to our digitization journey. We are excited this 2021 because konek2CARD offers enhanced and improved features for an easy and convenient banking experience,” said CARD MRI Managing Director Flordeliza L. Sarmiento.

She added that the ongoing pandemic has further assured that the institution is on the right track, “The uncertainty that this crisis has created shifted our focus to boost our digitization campaign even more and to explore the advanced technology to help improve our clients’ banking access even in far-flung areas in the country.”

Sarmiento further encouraged CARD MRI staff and clients to become ambassadors of konek2CARD, “Our eyes are set towards reaching our goal of reaching 1 million konek2CARD users by March of this year. With our staff’s commitment and dedication, we know that we can achieve this together,” she concluded.

By end of 2020, there are a total of 536,024 konek2CARD registered users,  7,678 konek2CARD agents, and 123 available konekTed branches available nationwide.