konek2CARD sees increased user registration after “Level App” Campaign

As the “Saya ng Buhay, Level App” campaign concluded in April 2021, CARD MRI recorded its fastest growth rate in user registration for its konek2CARD mobile application since its launch in 2016.

The konek2CARD app is used by the three banking institutions of CARD MRI namely CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, and CARD MRI Rizal Bank Inc. Among the banking institutions, CARD Bank contributes the largest number of users with 478,975 users followed by CARD SME Bank with 197,054 clients and then CARD RBI with 131,981. The total number of konek2CARD users is now at 808,378 from 536,024 in December 2020.

Ms. Cynthia Baldeo, Head of the konek2CARD campaign and CARD SME Bank President and CEO, attributes the surge of users to CARD MRI’s unity in the pursuit of digitization. “With the leadership of our Founder and Chair Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip and the cooperation of the whole CARD MRI, from the executives to the operations, our message of promoting and converting to digital transformation is well-received as it translates to the numbers.” Besides the buy-in of the institution to the intended message, the appointment of team leaders or “champions” helps in tracking the progress of the campaign.

A konek2CARD hour, an hour-long online meeting, was held weekly so that all CARD MRI staff will be equipped in the delivery of promotional messages to clients. This meeting enabled staff to gain the necessary information in answering clients’ inquiries and concerns about konek2Card. Participants also raised concerns they encountered during meetings with clients.

“CARD MRI have been working with communities for nearly 35 years. We have provided many women and their families opportunities for growth and development. One of these is enabling them to become konek2CARD agents,” Baldeo explained. She further discussed that these konek2Card agents also contributed to the increase of users, “Because of our konek2CARD agents in the barangays, doing banking transactions became more convenient and time-saving for our CARD MRI clients.” Currently, CARD MRI has 3,701 konek2Card agents nationwide.

Tailoring different marketing campaigns to the wide range of konek2CARD users made CARD’s target message more understandable. Promotions on various platforms in social media and following social media trends increased the reach of the campaign and making the application more inviting to the clients.

CARD MRI vigorously campaigned for the application as a way of supporting clients amidst the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing their services at the palm of their clients’ hands, CARD has provided a safer way of banking.

CARD MRI aims to have at least 2 million registered users by the end of 2021.