(As of February 2023)
Number of Total Clients Served 708,148
Number of Clients Including Savers 705,279
Number of Active Clients with Loans 392,977
Amount of Loans Disbursed P1,768,029,407
Amount of Loans Outstanding P4,387,759,720.01
Amount of Savings P4,055,376,953.48
Repayment Rate 97.75%
Number of Employee 1,663
Total Offices 350
Branches/Area/Regional Offices 37
Unit/Service Office 312
Head Office 1
Total Asset P6,306,002,686.07
Total Liabilities P4,517,753,268.77
Total Equity P1,788,249,417.3
Assets/Liability 1.40
Debt/Equity 2.53
OSS/Revenue Cost Ratio 124.11%
Financial Self-Sufficiency 116.75%
Adjusted Return on Assets 4.98%
Adjusted Return on Equity 17.85%
Administrative Cost 39.49%
Portfolio Yield 47.04%