BotiCARD celebrates one decade of serving communities

BotiCARD, the pharmaceutical company under CARD MRI, celebrated its 10th year of serving communities on May 11, 2021.

BotiCARD President Rosenda P. Aquino remembers the idea of conceiving the institution. “Poverty has different faces. Our goal is to contribute to CARD MRI’s mission of ending poverty by giving communities access to affordable and quality medicines. Since 2011, we have witnessed the impact of our health care to many families. We always aim to bring what is best to Filipino families at an affordable cost.”

Aquino added that the institution also promotes community-oriented programs that benefit the lives of many communities. “We are not just a pharmacy that provides medicines, but we deliver our services with a heart. Our approach is in line with CARD MRI values as we engage with our clients.”

Amidst the health crisis

BotiCARD continues to expand its reach despite the ongoing pandemic. It was able to open its 12th branch in Oroquieta City in October 2020. “Our service is needed, especially that we are facing a health crisis. By doing so, we bring closer our health care services to the rural communities in the country.”

“We remain steadfast in our mission to deliver our healthcare services to our communities. Our hearts continue to beat for every family who needs our service, especially in these trying times,” emphasized Aquino.

Aquino also took the opportunity to thank the staff who stayed despite the threat of COVID-19, “During this challenging time, I saw how dedicated and compassionate our workforce. Despite the continuous virus threat, they conquer their fear and still manage to serve.”

Embracing the new normal

To continuously deliver affordable and quality medicines to its clients, BotiCARD also use an online delivery channel, Medhatid. This is an initiative to deliver quality medicines to clients in the comfort of their homes.

“We understand that with the travel restrictions and limitations, our clients need us the most at this challenging time. As such, we shifted to a more innovative way of reaching them,” Aquino concluded.

To date, BotiCARD already has 12 branches in the country and serves more than 2 million clients nationwide.