Center Meeting

We make available medicines for home remedies to members during Center Meetings visits in areas near BotiCARD Inc. Pharmacy.

Community Clinic

In each BotiCARD Inc. Pharmacy, a clinic is strategically positioned to support sales strategies of each drugstore. Through the clinics, free medical services are provided by the doctors and nurses of CARD MRI under the program Microfinance and Health Protection Program (MaHP). With the said support activity, BotiCARD Inc. was able to reach more CARD clients and staff as well as more residents of the communities it serves in order to provide affordable, safe and quality medicines. During the free medical consultations conducted by CARD MRI, we ensure availability of medicines and provide 20% discount on medicines to all CARD MRI members and dependents.

Over The Counter

We provide patients counseling and ensure provision of quality and affordable medicines.

Buy Now Pay Later Program

We provide employees the opportunity to purchase medicines through Loan. Through this, employees have easy access to affordable and quality medicines.

CARD Disaster Relief Assistance Program (CDRAP)

We also engage in helping CARD members in times of disasters through the CDRAP or CARD Disaster Relief Assistance Program by immediately providing pack of medicines which will serve as first aid for common illnesses which might be caused by the disaster.




Flu Vaccination

As part of CARD MRI’s effort to ensure staff’s health, an annual flu vaccination program is implemented. We make sure flu vaccines are available for CARD MRI employees annually.

Medicine Replenishment Program

To secure the health of CARD MRI staff, BotiCARD ensures regular replenishment of first aid kits (medicines and vitamins) to all CARD MRI unit and offices.

Household Cleaning Materials (HCM)

Secures the cleanliness of all the premises of CARD MRI.