Generic and Branded Medicines

BotiCARD Inc. offers and highly promotes affordable generic medicines sourced from known suppliers and manufacturers. These generic medicines are particularly offered to CARD MRI clients and are also readily available for the whole community where our pharmacy is present. Through the Credit with Education module developed under MaHP and in partnership with the Zuellig Family Foundation, CARD members were informed of the value and benefits of generic medicines. Delivery of this module is implemented in CARD MRI covered communities which started in Quezon Province. We also offer branded medicines to provide more choices to clients in communities it serves.

BotiCARD Inc. also offers other products usually found in a pharmacy like basic health supplies, products for hygiene purposes and selected supplements and wellness products.

Health Support Services

Through the health services it implements, BotiCARD Inc. offers a health support program which includes continuous health education through over-the-counter health advice for all clients, support to the conduct of health clinics, and provision of flu vaccines for CARD employees