Client Success Stories

Agnes Ornos
Balut, penoy, bakery
“Before, my town mates regarded me as a mere balut vendor. Now, even my children feel proud of my new status as a business woman.”
Editha Miranda
From ash to cash
“Hapinoy has given me so much. I became more confident. I met a lot of people and was introduced to wide network of suppliers. I am so proud of all these.”
Maria Calilap
Input supplies = rice and more
“Nanay Maria is not alone in reaping benefits she was able to provide livelihood to more people who were involved in the various aspects of rice production and trading.”
Mary Jean Sarilla
A sweet life
“With these two businesses, Ate Mary Jean feels that her family’s quality of life has improved. In Ate Mary Jean’s own words, they were able to rise from poverty”
Priscilla Brigola
They gave me wings
“Before, I wanted to fly but I didn’t have wings. CARD BDS helped me grow wings.”